Finding Forgotten Photos

You can get frustrated when trying to locate any images of some of your ancestors. You have checked with other relatives, to see what they have, but you may need to go beyond. Unfortunately, people cleaning out estates sold off vintage family photo albums.

Using the online site ‘Lost Faces‘ may be of some assistance. They have collected many vintage 1800s photo albums, with many images labeled with a family’s surname or individual names. Scanning these images and placing them on the ‘Lost Faces’ site makes it viewable for the public.

What is especially interesting is that many of those family albums can also contain documents, letters, postcards, funeral cards, obituaries, and even a list of family members. Now that is a treasure. 

The site allows you to view and save any photos or other scanned items for free. You are invited to make any donation to offset the costs of acquiring the vintage albums. You can use any the photos for your own personal use but not to republish them elsewhere with the ‘Lost Faces‘ site written permission.

Review the listing of album names. Each one can contain many surnames. Where locations (states, cities, countries are listed) they are noted. 

At the top is a tab for ‘postcards‘, check that section also along with ‘More’ for images of military, family reunion and class photos.

No guarantee an ancestor of yours will be located, but it’s worth the investigation.

Author of Blog own Photos: Gentleman of the Bixler-Shaffer family; 1869 Savilla Sherman Musselman and 1888 Charles Bixler of PA.

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