Finding Other Family Members

One of the greatest assets for adding to your family history is locating any previously unknown family members – such as distant cousins. They just might be able to provide some information, documents, or photos previously unknown to you.

It was common practice decades ago to communicate with all of one’s family branches – share photos, send postcards and letters. Over the years we have lost touch with those descendants of our great grandparents other family members.  

So to help possibly reconnect, here are a couple suggestions:

FACEBOOK – this social media has many FB sites set up based on a family surname. In a FB search place just the surname, try ‘Surname + family’ or surname with the word genealogy. You can send a FB message to some with the surname you are searching and see if there are any ties to similar ancestors. It is worth a try.

Also, try SEARCH ENGINE – Using Google search or Bing, place the surname plus genealogy.

Overview of a family surname: With they offer an overview of a surname. The various spellings are done, name origin, where most live in US, type of occupations, lifespan and available records.

Another great source is the Message Board by for surnames. Place a surname (try different spellings also) and see listings by other people for ancestors with that surname. A super good way to link up with someone researching that family name.

Investigate State Archives of Photos also. Here is the site with all states. If you know the region or county your ancestors lived in it will help in the search. Each state sets up their archives different, so read over what your ancestor’s state has.  

Photos: Florida Archives – Surname, 1931 school class photo from Olustee, FL; Downtown Frederick, MD-state archives; and Family.

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< Return To Blog Thank you. I've found people via Facebook and Ancestry trees. I'll have to look at the state archive sites as well.
Clorinda Madsen 25/11/18

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