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photos-1936-teamYou might have a few family photos but you always wonder if there are additional ones. Many can be held by other relatives, a 3rd cousin in another part of the country. Some were part of family albums that have been in an estate sale and now are on eBay or in other locations.

So to assist in finding some family photos or images of hometowns, businesses, homes, shops that were associated with ancestors, the online site of Ancestor Search┬áhas Free Genealogical Search for photos. In the search box line you can place a surname, a full name or a location such as a hometown. The search covers many online photos sites such as ‘Dead Fred’, ‘FamilyOldPhotos’ and Google.

If you are placing more than one keyword do place quote marks on both sides. For example, placing “Tampa, Florida” produced 70 images. Many of these were also part of an individual’s family web site, one you might have found without using the Ancestor Search site. The ‘Bixler’ surname produced 97 images.

photos-james-ruddEverything from Civil War images, to high school / college yearbook images, to hometown images, and individual portraits are just some of the possibilities.

Most with have some name or description with each image, so you know you might have the right one. Finding ones from school sports teams or yearbooks can be quite a treasure, images you may never have seen before. Many of those will be labeled. The image first shown will be a thumbnail (smaller version). Go below the image to the word ‘original’ and click on it to get a full large version of the photo. Other sites have you click on the thumbnail itself to enlarge the image. You should be able to right click on each image to save it to your computer.

photos-rueThere are so many people and places out there posting images you do not know of until you take the step to do the searching. Hopefully, this Ancestor Search site can assist.

Photos: 1936 Scottian Yearbook of Jesup W. Scott High School; Bill and first wife Ketura (Hall) with son James Hobart Rudd in Kentucky in 1920s; and portrait of Arthur Harold Rue from Livonia, MI.

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