Findmypast has a Brand New Look

The Findmypast website looks different now than it has before. It isn’t unheard of for websites to get a brand new look every once in a while. These changes were first made on in December of 2019. They have now rolled out to,, and

Findmypast wants to inspire as many people as possible to explore their family history. They believe that understanding the past has the power to change your future. Findmypast feels it is important that they convey those beliefs in everything that they do. They believe a bigger community is a better community, and want as many people as possible to discover their unique family story.

Findmypast explains the changes this way:

To reflect this, Findmypast has been completely refreshed as the brand enters a new decade. While the site’s core features and services remain unchanged, the look and feel has been significantly improved. The new-look site is designed to encourage more family history beginners to get started while staying true to its roots as the must-have genealogy resource experienced genealogists know and love.

They have added an vibrant new color scheme and an array of quirky illustrations. There is a newly added “Help & more” button that directs you to the resources you want, faster. Findmypast is also proud to introduce a new brand logo that reflects how family history is unique for each individual.

The new brand logo has the words “Find” and “Past” in clear, easy to read, font. The “my” part has variations. Findmypast points out that they have been collecting “mys” from members of their community, so they are authentic and personal – just how family history should be.

Alongside these new changes, Findmypast is still strengthening their unmatched record collections, building useful site features and investing in new technologies and services to give you the richest, most rewarding, experience possible.

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