Findmypast Introduced the British and Irish Roots Collection

Findmypast is a leader in online genealogy. They have over 18 million registered members worldwide and records dating back to 1200. Findmypast has introduced their new British and Irish Roots Collection. Findmypast made this collection free to search when it was first released. The free access will only be offered for a limited time.

The British and Irish Roots Collection is a unique collection that was handpicked by Findmypast’s in-house experts. It brings together 98 million records that identify a British or Irish emigrant. The collection includes passenger lists, census records, naturalization applications, and draft registrations, as well as birth, marriage, and death records.

This ground-breaking collection brings together a wide range of record sets that list origin or place of birth as anywhere in Britain and Ireland. The records in the British and Irish Roots Collection span more than 400 years (from 1573 to 1990) of migration between the British Isles and North America.

All of this can now be explored in one unified search. This makes it easier for North American family historians to trace the migration of ancestors from the Old World to the New through one simple search.

Examples of journeys researchers can expect to find in this collection:

* Anyone leaving the UK or Ireland and emigrating to the US, Canada or the Caribbean

* Anyone emigrating from Canada or the Caribbean to the US (this covers the large number of British and Irish immigrants who stopped temporarily in Canada and/or the Caribbean)

* Anyone listed on any US or Canadian record with British or Irish origins, birthplace, or parents

That may sound a bit confusing. Findmypast provides the following example for clarification: A U.S. Military record mentions a that a soldier was born in Wales, or a US census return states that a household member was born in Athlone, Ireland. Those records will be searchable through Findmypast’s British and Irish Roots collection.

Search that collection, and you will be provided with a transcript. The details revealed in each transcript will vary depending on the original source material. You might learn the following facts about your ancestor from the transcript:

* Name
* Sex
* Age
* Birth year
* Birth place
* Event year
* Nationality
* Origin country
* Residence
* Destination country

In addition, you will be told the source of the information that is in the transcript. That source could be vital records, passenger lists, naturalization records, or census returns. There may also be a link to bring you through to the original source. In most cases, you will be able to view an image of the original record.

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