Findmypast Offers Tree-to-Tree Hints

Findmypast announced that they are now able to offer tree-to-tree hints sourced from other members’ trees. As you build your family tree, you can benefit from research that other Findmypast members have done on common ancestors. Tree-to-Tree hints are free for a limited time on all Findmypast family trees.

Findmypast put together a blog post that answers many frequently asked questions about tree-to-tree hinting.

What is tree-to-tree hinting? Findmypast has an explanation. “Collectively, our trees contain millions of ancestors spanning hundreds of years. We can now use them to offer you tree hints. As you add more ancestors, we’ll compare them to all of our existing trees. When we think we’ve found one with common ancestry, we’ll send you hints with newly discovered ancestors.”

This type of sharing of hints about ancestors is common practice for family history sites. Many people, who are unknown to each other, share common ancestors within a few generations. The tree-to-tree hints can bridge that gap and help people discover their history that they did not have access to before.

All of the information in a tree-to-tree hint is taken from other members’ trees. They will have used Findmypast records and hints in their own research – so others are benefiting from both Findmypast’s records and other members’ work.

You will not be able to see the owner of the family tree that the tree-to-tree hint came from. The hint will be offered as normal on your tree, but Findmypast will not share the other member’s details.

No one will be able to see your Findmypast family tree. No one will be able to browse or search other Findmypast family trees on Google, or within the Findmypast site. It is just the information on deceased relatives that can be shared as hints and even then, only to Findmypast members with common ancestry.

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