Findmypast UK Released New North American Records

Findmypast UK has pointed out some new releases that will help you discover and celebrate your North American ancestors. There are thousands of new records in this release.

Manitoba Vital Records: Do you have roots in the Canadian province of Manitoba? Discover family milestones in brand new birth, marriage, and death indexes. Findmypast UK has released over 107,000 Manitoba birth records, over 56,000 Manitoba marriage records, and over 76,000 Manitoba death records.

These types of records are essential for growing your family tree, birth, marriage and death records, and can reveal your ancestors’ names, next of kin, and where they lived.

United States, Census of Revolutionary War Pensioners, 1840: Unlock family heroes’ names, ages and addresses with this historic census. It documents the lives of American War of Independence veterans. This special census can also reveal the names of multiple family members, a feature not included in the main 1840 census.

United States, British Loyalists: Not everyone in British American wanted independence. Trace those loyalists and their intriguing stories in this unique collection of publications. This record set consists of 22 publications from across British America covering everything from orderly books to subscription lists.

United States, Lord Dunmore’s Ethiopian Regiment, 1776: This small but eye-opening record lists enslaved people who answered Lord Dunmore’s call to arms during the American Revolution. Compiled from a number of sources, Findmypast UK has created a searchable index of all know individuals who joined Dunmore’s unit. In it, you will discover their names, aliases, ages and, in some cases, what became of them after the war.

Newspapers: Three new papers have joined Findmypast UK’s archives, including a publication designed for British emigrants moving to American. Plus, they have updated 12 other papers with extra pages. Brand new to the site are:

American Settler: covering 1880-1892

Essex Times: covering 1870, 1873, 1878, 1880-1882, 1884-1888, 1890-1896, 1898-1899, 1903-1907, and 1919-1913

Kentish Express: covering 1979-1982

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