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So true, all¬†types of photos, booklets, journals, letters, receipts, etc can be found up for auction or ‘buy now’ on eBay (an online auction site). People from around the globe can place items they have owned or just acquired (such as yard sales, second-hand stores, thrift shops etc.). It is truly amazing what can be found. Of course, you have to investigate.

A recent example was a 20-page program booklet of the Florida Gospel Navy Bible Conference from February 1913 held in Stuart, Florida. You would think from such a title there might not be related to any ancestors. Wrong! This finely printed booklet, in excellent condition for being 105 years old, had write-ups on their speakers (local and from out-of-town) attending the conference and about 10 photos of 1913 of people and locations in Stuart. What a fine.

There was previously unknown info of individuals and locations of this small frontier town in 1913. The biggest clue to look further into this booklet was the name Stuart. If one had any ancestors in and around Stuart (just north of West Palm Beach) it was worth reviewing. Sure enough it did.

The booklet was up for auction but the buyer would also accept a ‘buy now’ offer. So this fine booklet was purchased for $15.

On receiving the booklet the printed pages and photos were very good for scanning. This way the individual photos could be shared and stored with the approximate names. The booklet could then be donated to the local historical museum in Stuart. A true ‘win-win’ situation.¬†

When doing a search on eBay, using family surnames but more important use hometown names, county names, businesses, and organizations / clubs.

Photos: Cover of the 1913 Gospel navy booklet; a typical fishing in the river scene; and ladies and gentlemen relaxing in the back yard of Susan Kitching’s house along the river (with Susan to the far right in the chair).

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