Flirtation Cards

flirtation cards-see you homeYes, these really existed in the late 1800s (1870s to 1900). It was a method for either a young lady or young man to make known to the other their interest in each other. It was a very early form of texting someone today.

It was a way to introduce yourself rather than using the formal calling call. flirtation card-fair maidenOn the flirtation card you let if be known that you were interested romantically in that person. These were also known as ‘escort cards’. If a card was returned the person was not interested.

flirtation cards-dear missThe designs varied across the country. Some very simple and others with a bit of poetic verse and cute illustrations. By using some humor and the card it serviced as an ice-breaker to meeting people over a hundred years ago.

As you have gone through some of your family heirlooms, you may have come across such a card and didn’t understand what it was all about. Some of the cards have a person’s name, that for such would help your investigation, however many didn’t have a name.

flirtation card-fan ladyInteresting – just another method our ancestors got to know each.

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