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What better method to remember all the Dads (grandfathers, great grandfathers, gr gr grandfathers etc.) on Father’s Day than to preserve those treasured photos, many of which they may have taken over the decades. A recent online site titled “Forgotten Photographs Project” tries to help preserve and share long lost photos.PIC--AYRE, Raymond-Wash-DC

You know at antique shows, shops, estate sales and even yard sales, you see what can be considered priceless family photos. The person selling or giving them away may not know the individuals – especially the older ones and just doesn’t want to bother with them. Many such vintage CDV, Cabinet, Post Card or Tin Type photographs are for sale everyday on eBay. PIC-WilliamThese are sometimes termed ‘orphaned’ photos. Yet there could be family members with no photos of their ancestors would love to have such a photo.

So using this site “Forgotten Photographs Project” you have the opportunity to view images collected and donated to the site. If any information — locations, dates or names are with the photo that is placed also on the information site. This collection is free and continually updated.

PIC--GOBEL, John, Emma, Reba, Ralph, HowardTo start exploring view the alphabetical list at the bottom and select a letter for a surname. You will see the images are pre-1923 — free of copyright laws and protection. So these are true vintage images – primarily portraits.

There are photos from all across the United States and overseas. There is no search box, but it is fun just scrolling down the photos – all labeled. Occasionally there is a cluster of photos with the same surname and photos taken in the same location — jackpot then. You never know if a name or location catches your attention.PIC-Mary Talburt Hill


AYRE, Raymond (taken in Washington D.C.);

BEBOUT, John Wm. (Maybe Stelle and Earl Bebout plus Hannah Bebout or O. D. Bebout — in KY related)
PHOTOGRAPHER: A. C. Falor; Oberlin, OH; PURCHASE LOCATION:  Tuscarawas County, OH

GOBEL, John, Emma, Reba, Ralph, Howard (parents–Peter & Maria Gobel)
PHOTOGRAPHER: Ideal Art Co.; Zanesville, OH PURCHASE LOCATION: Delaware County, OH

HILL, Mary (Talbert), PHOTOGRAPHER: Walter & Chickering; Boston, MA   PURCHASE LOCATION: Middlesex County, MA


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