Forgotten Thanksgiving Dishes

Some traditional favorite dishes have been at family Thanksgiving tables for decades. Here are a few not seen in many years.

Pork Cake started in 1922, published in a magazine. Neither butter or eggs are needed for the recipe. It does have ground lean salt pork, raisins, spices, brown sugar and molasses. This dish is not often service.

Suet pudding came originally from England. It has solid beef fat with flour, milk, spices all blended with the chopped up beef fat and placed then served from a special mold container. It would be served at Thanksgiving or Chrisman but not as much anymore.

Deviled Ham Stuffing started in 1912 by the Underwood Deviled Ham Company. The canned meat is mixed with apples, bread crumbs, walnuts and celery and placed inside the turkey before baking.

Giblet Gravy is made with the neck bone meat, gizzard, heart, kidneys, and liver of the turkey. It was very popular to make giblet gravy, not wanting to waste any part of the turkey. That idea has disappeared in more recent years.

Creamed Onions was once poured over the turkey once served to keep it moist. It has tiny pearl onions, cream, cheddar cheese and butter in its making. This item on the turkey has also disappear replaced with turkey gravy.

Jellied Turkey-Vegetable Salad was a way to use left-over turkey. Turkey was mixed with gelatin, mixed vegetables and condensed soup. This type of left-over is not that popular now.

Photos: Pork Cake; Suet Pudding; Giblet Gravy and Creamed Onions.

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< Return To Blog Well, that was. . .appetizing? Thank you for the info! I almost did the giblet gravy a couple weeks ago. I fixed an early turkey. I decided the giblet gravy was too much work. The pearl onions in cream sauce doesn't sound too bad, though.
Sara N Martin 23/11/20

I agree. My Mom used to fix giblet gravy always ! I did look for the pearl onions at my grocer but didn't find any.
alice 23/11/20

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