Four Appalachian States

The four southern Appalachian states are Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, due to the fact the Appalachian Mountains encompass part of the state. If you have any ancestors from these states and specifically from the Appalachian region, you will find the online site titled ‘Appalachian Mountain Families‘ a most informative database.

This site at the top has a listing of Genealogy, History, Memories and Library tabs which will be the most helpful.  Under the ‘Genealogy‘ tab is a full list of family surnames with GEDCOM files showing ancestral lineage.  Be prepared before starting with a full list of family surnames in which to search — including various spellings.

One area many people are not aware of are regions and counties in a certain state within the Appalachian region that no longer exist – defunct counties. If you are having problems locating information about an ancestor in a certain county, if could well be now part of another county. Most people are not aware of the State of Franklin, yes a real state of the United States which lasted between 1784 and 1788 and would then become part of the eastern portion of the state of Tennessee.

Go also to the GenWeb Project for each state for additional databases and information.  Each is different but easy to follow instructions.  Now you can search,  if you know  the county name (s) from where your ancestors came from.  Some have newspapers, other vital records, census records, deeds, military records — each is different.

GEORGIA — The GA Project

TENNESSEE — The TN Project



Overall, those with any branch of the family tree in any of these four states – Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, will have a nice collection of sites to search.

Photo:  Tennessee Mountains

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