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Ancestry-NYC death listingsThe site (a subscription fee source) is a super collection of databases and records which can really benefit all family history researchers. However, many of their online databases through are FREE and available for anyone to use even if you have no paid subscription.

The list (scroll down) of available databases is tremendous, all in alphabetical order. There is: 1880 US Federal Census records, 1901 South Wales Australia Census, Alabama State Census 1820 to 1866, Alcatraz Prison records 1934-1963, list of males born in Belarus between 1862-1893, service records for Canadian soldiers during World War I, DeKalb County, GA marriage index between 1840-1908, Fairbanks, Alaska cemetery records, Dachau in Germany concentration camp records during World War II and Kentucky Tax Roll from 1799 to 1801, just to list a few.  ancestory-European languages

Some are the full records and documents and others are the index listing of what is available. Either way it might provide that missing link or key you have been searching for about an ancestor. You will need to go through each listing, titles of some may be different that you would normally look for. Keep all events and places for your family tree on hand to refer to and see if one of the free databases matches.

Just click on a selection and enter the surnames or dates for whom you are searching.

This is amazing the selection and variety of records, photos and documents that have been made available – free to all.

ancestry-english marriages

Photos: NYC Death Index, European languages and English marriage certificate.

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