Fruit Salad Jewelry

For years women wore matched sets of earrings, brooch or bracelet, and necklace. Then there was the trend of being bold, bright and colorful in the jewelry.

Some of this bold style of using colorful fruit started in the 1890s. Then in the 1930s the style became very popular because Carmen Miranda the famous singer, dancer wore elaborate fruit headdresses and jewelry and so did all the other ladies who wanted to copy her. This fruit jewelry was also called ‘tutti frutti’. This type or style of jewelry was done in fine gemstones, using diamonds, gold or silver. But also in the 1930s celluloid, bakelite and acrylic were used to create cheaper fruit jewelry.

In the 1940s a very popular style was a lightweight plastic chain with small 3-D fruits and vegetables dangling from the necklace chain. These various fruit and vegetable styles continued into the 1950s and through the 1980s.

Photo: 1950s Venetian Murano glass multi-colored fruit salad cluster necklace.

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