has an extremely easy to remember name! This website has a section called First Steps that you should review if you are have not visited this website before. When I clicked on the link that says: About Us, it re-directed me to the corporate website. I found this to be confusing. The website is a place where you can save your family tree, access data that you have subscribed to through this website, and take a look at your own homepage. There is a section that shows you the new resources that have been recently added, with a link to each one. This website has a U.S. Census collection, and an International and Passenger Record collection.

There is a search engine on this website that you can enter information into. I decided to see what information this website could show me about my father. I entered his first and last name into the boxes that were provided, and used the drop down box to select the state he lives in. This brought up a summary of search results. All of the matches have stars next to them, to indicate how well they match what I was trying to find. 83 matches are from something called Long Lost People. When I clicked on that link, I learned that the Long Lost People website is not going to be in service very much longer. I decided that the best match might be the one from the Family and Local Histories category.

When I clicked that link, I learned that I cannot immediately look at the information that I am trying to see. In order to really get good use out of this website, a person has pay for a subscription to it. There is an Annual Online Subscription which costs about 80 dollars, (which will automatically be charged to your credit card every year afterwards), or Monthly Online Subscription that cost around 15 dollars, (and will also be automatically charged to your credit card each month after you subscribe). I do not see any quotes from customers that tell me what they thought of the website.

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