Genealogy Groups are Helpful

Happy TeamIf you haven’t already done so, you might consider joining a local genealogy group. It can be fun to meet a bunch of people who are just as interested in genealogy as you are. It is a good way to take a hobby that can be somewhat isolating and turn it into a social event. Perhaps the best part of joining a genealogy group is that you can learn a lot from the other genealogists in the group. The group itself can be a wonderful resource!

There are a lot of different genealogy websites that can be used to search for information about your ancestors. You might be using a particular website, but other people in your genealogy group might be using a completely different one. This means that everyone in the group can get first hand knowledge about how good each website is. Which one is easiest to use? Which ones are free? Which ones have the most resources to search through?

Everyone does his or her research in a slightly different way. What works for one genealogist might not be the preferred method for someone else. Being in a genealogy group is a great way to get tips about different ways to find documents, to preserve your research, and to find new sources of information. Sometimes, another member of your genealogy group will find information about your ancestors for you, while he was researching his own family.

Do people in your genealogy group visit graveyards? Perhaps one of them can teach you how to do a grave rubbing the correct way, that doesn’t cause damage to the graves stones. You might be able to learn more about photography techniques, different kinds of film, and photography equipment that will help you to take clear photos of the gravestones of your ancestors. Joining a genealogy group gives you access to a wealth of resources that you may not be able to reach all by yourself.

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