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hound-Andersonville-Confederate-Prison-1864It is always great to locate an online site with a collection of genealogical resources. One to look at is ‘Genealogy Hound.’ It has family biographies, surnames, county maps, plus a growing collection of photos and postcards.

It is easy to search, using the search box. Explore using a surname or a hometown or home county name. Use also the tab listings to the right side to look up certain categories, such as surnames (that will include the biographies and in hometowns).  hound-arriving at Ellis Island

When you search a specific surname, such as ‘Johnson’ a long list appears with the given names and hometowns of those in the Johnson collection. That will help narrow down the search. An example is Joseph E. Johnson of Turtle Creek in Westmoreland Co., PA. The source for his biography was the 1889 History of Allegheny County, PA. So being published in the 19th century, it will have some good information on that Johnson family back to early 19th century and into the 1700s.

Be sure to check out various spellings for a family surname also. If you locate only one or two individuals, still look up their information, might be a great grand uncle you didn’t know about. Also look up the maiden names for the females on the family tree.

hound-Miami in 1910For the vintage postcards and photos they are divided into categories: Christmas cards, Ellis Island, Civil War, states, and other selections. Just to look over the growing collection is interesting.

Any images of interest you can right click on to save to your computer. Additional information on an images is below each photo or postcard.

For the county maps, there are ten states, their counties and with one being the Oklahoma-Indian Territory. Showing the details (creeks, boundaries, towns) on maps mostly from the 1880s can provide a good deal information.

hound - sevier-county-1888-mapKeep rechecking what is posted on the site ‘Genealogy Hound‘ since new items are placed monthly. You can also sign up for a newsletter which will list the newest additions.

Photos: Andersonville, GA Confederate prison in 1864; Ellis Island arrivals 1900; Miami, Fl street in 1910; Sevier County, TN map and vintage Christmas card.  hound-xmas card

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