Genealogy Resources at Cobb County Genealogy Society

The Genealogy Society of Cobb County is located in Cobb County, Georgia. The purpose of the Genealogy Society of Cobb Georgia County online is to provide information about the society and to encourage the exchange of genealogical information and research techniques.

The Genealogy Society of Cobb County’s primary interest is in Cobb County, Georgia. Many of their members are from other parts of the state and the country, so the society has an interest in other areas, too. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Check their website for upcoming events.

The Genealogy Society of Cobb County has a list of where to find resources:

Cobb County Tax Digest
1832-? located at Cobb County Courthouse
1848, 1849, 1851: Published in various issues of the Cobb County Genealogical Society “Family Tree Quarterly” as well as LDA Library, Microfilm roll 159138

Confederate Pension Book 1891-1920
Georgia Room, Charles Switzer Library, Marietta, Georgia
Georgia Archives, Morrow, Georgia
LDS Library, Microfilm Roll 1655003

Death Index and Certificates
“Cobb County Death Indices for 1919-1940” is on Rootsweb

Estate Records 1837-1871
located at Georgia Archives

Records at the Cobb County Courthouse
Deed Records
District Plat of Surveys, 1832-?
Homestead Book – 1866-1928
Land Lot Index, 1868-1938
Minute Book A: 1865-1879
Minute Book B: 1880-1888
Minute Book C: 1889-1893
Minute Book D: 1893-1896
Minute Book E: 1897-1901
Will Book, 1866-1918

Marriage Index and Certificates
“Cobb County, Georgia: Index to Marriages”, 1865-1937”
“Index to Colored Marriages”, 1865-1066
And associated addendum

Guardianship & Conservatorships
located at Cob County Juvenile Court, Cobb County Probate Court, & Cobb County Superior Court

Miscellaneous Estate Papers
“The Index to Loose Papers, 1837-1877” LDS Library, Microfilm Roll 2055469

Cemeteries of Cobb County
There are over 200 cemeteries in Cobb County. These cemeteries serve as part of Cobb County history. Cobb County is home to the Marietta National Cemetery and the Marietta Confederate Cemetery. The Cobb County Cemetery Preservation Commission was established to ensure the preservation and protection of cemeteries in the county.

The Genealogy Society of Cobb County has a list that shows where to find information about each cemetery. Information on most of them can be found in one of their published cemetery volumes. There are a total of three cemetery volumes.

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