Genealogy Resources at Paradise, CA Genealogical Society

The Paradise Genealogical Society is located in Paradise, California. They were started in 1968 by a dedicated group of volunteers. This Society is unique because it maintains a library that is not subsidized by a church or tax funds and is not housed in a church or tax supported building.

The Paradise Genealogical Society library contains a wealth of Butte County historical resources. Those who are interested can purchase any of their society publications. Volunteer staff will gladly do look-ups for surnames that you are researching. Copies of records the staff finds are a $5.00 donation (each).

Here are some of the resources at the Paradise Genealogical Society Library:

Cemetery – Thirty-five cemeteries and isolated grave sites. Most of the documentation on Butte County cemeteries comes from Grace Collins. She has shared the index to her 12 “Sites & Cemeteries” books with the Society.

1850 Butte County Federal Census
1860 Butte County Federal Census
1970 Butte County Federal Census
1880 Butte County Federal Census
1900 Butte County Federal Census
1910 Butte County Federal Census

Masonic Index – Fifty Years of Masonry in California (1846-1896)

Deeds – Grantor and Grantee Deed Indexes (1850-1871)

Butte County Directory 1881
Chico City Directory 1941-1942, 1966, 1973-1981, 1983-1988
Oroville City Directory 1972, 1974-1976, 1978-1981, 1987
Magalia City Directory 1973-1981
Paradise Directory – 1960, 1962-1965, 1967-1968, 1970-1971, 1984-1989, 1993

Mortuary Record
Block Funeral Home, Gridley 1928-1953
Paradise Chapel of the Pines 1946-1983
Rose Chapel, Paradise 1964-1993

Butte County Newspaper Vitals 1880-1899
Newspaper Obituary Transcriptions 1885-1956
Paradise Progress Review Index – 1939-1955
Paradise Progress Review Index – 1925-1956

“People of Butte County”, Florence Styles compilation of news articles
“History of Butte County”, George C. Mansfield – 1918
“History of Butte County”, Joseph F McGie – 1840-1880
“History of Butte County”, Harry L. Wells – 1882
“Fifty Years of Masonry in California” – 1897
“Bits and Pieces of People in Paradise” – 1996-2002
“Old Days in Butte”, Florence Boyle/Bill Dolan – 1941
“This Paradise We Call Home”, Lois H. McDonald – 2000

Chico High School Yearbooks – Most years 1908-1936
Chico High School Reunions – 1931, 1965
Chico High School Class Grade books – 1946-1958
Chico State College Yearbook – 1934-1941, 1965-1966, 1968

Vital Records
Births Index 1859-1905
Delayed Births Index 1869-1991
Marriage Index – 1851-1920
Marriage Records Butte County, Lorraine Hubb
Marriage Records Butte County – 1931-1956
Earliest Butte County Deaths – 1858-1905
California Death Index 1940-1997

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