Genealogy Roadshow in July

san-franciscoThis summer, beginning in July, a new genealogical show will be filmed which combines the popular Antiques Roadshow shown on PBS with the growing interest in family history research. The new television show, starting during the fall lineup, also to be shown on PBS, is named ‘Genealogy Roadshow’. The show producers will be filming in Detroit, Michigan; Austin, TX; San Francisco, California; and Nashville, TN. In these cities they will focus on various families with unusual and interesting family histories; especially those families with a historically significant family story to tell. Genealogical and historical experts from each of the regions across the country will do the necessary research to uncover the actual family history with as much details as possible.

It is hoped that not only individual family stories are further investigated, but as the local community’s tie-in with the family. There maybe some previously unknown local history discovered that just might rewrite some history books.

Examined will be historically significant buildings, landmarks, churches, graveyards, homes and public locations that relate to the family being investigated. Many people could be surprised at what is uncovered.

These will be ordinary families, not celebrities, whose ancestors helped contribute to the foundation of the local areas. There maybe even a few ‘black sheep’ in the mix, so it makes for very interesting viewing.

Seeing how the experts locate information will be a great value to the viewers. Filming begins in San Francisco in mid-July. This first city may produce some unusual tales relating to the 1906 earthquake. This is a television program for anyone interested in family history.

Photo:  San Francisco in early 1900s.

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