Genealogy Roadshow Provides Learning Resources

Genealogy Roadshow Provides Learning Resources  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comGenealogy Roadshow is described as “part detective story, part emotional journey”. It is a TV show that combines history and science to uncover the fascinating stories of the diverse Americans who bring heirlooms to the show. Did you know that Genealogy Roadshow has an online resource for teachers?

PBS Learning Media has put together learning resources related to Genealogy Roadshow. These resources are useful for teachers, homeschoolers, and tutors. The Genealogy Roadshow resources are said to provide techniques for helping your students connect to history through their own personal family stories. That being said, there are a lot of resources that do not appear to have anything to do with genealogy.

There are three drop down boxes as the top of the Genealogy Roadshow learning resources page. The first one says “Grades”. Select PreK (preschool or prekindergarten), K (kindergarten), or any grade from first grade through twelve grade. There is also an option called “13+” for college students.

Next, click on the drop down box that says “All Subjects”. It is possible to literally choose “All Subjects” as an option. Or, you could chose from: The Arts, English Language Arts and Literacy, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Preschool, Professional Development, Science, Social Studies, or World Languages.

The last box says “All Types”. It is referring to the variety of different types of resources that are available. Your options include: Audio, Video, Image, Document, Interactive, Webpage, Collection, Media Gallery, Self-Paced Lesson, or Lesson Plan.

Many of the videos are short clips that were originally part of an episode of Genealogy Roadshow. These brief videos can only include a brief amount of information about a topic. They might serve as a good starting off point for genealogy research.

Here is a brief list of some of the genealogy related resources:

* Locating Your Ancestral Town Using United States Records – video – grades 6-11

* Discovering Your Genealogy – video – grades 6-13+

* Italian Passage – video – grades 6-12

* The Five Civilized Tribes – video – grades 6-12

* The UCLA Special Collections – video – grades 6-12

* Documenting After Disaster – video – grades 6-12

* Researching Your Foreign Heritage – video – grades 6-12

* Utah’s Family History Library – video – grades 6-12

* A History of Chinese Immigration to the United States – video – grades 6-13+

* Family History and Genealogical Research – video – grades 4-12

* Finding Your Roots: Founding Mothers – video – grades 9-12

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