Genealogy Summer To-Do List

Genealogy Summer To-Do List Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comWhat are your plans for this summer? Genealogists who have some free time (or some days off of work) can take this opportunity to focus on family history and genealogy research that can be done most easily when the weather is nice and warm. Put together your to-do list and see how many things you can accomplish before the summer ends.

Family History Road Trip
Some genealogists like to organize trips to other countries in order to learn more about their ancestors. Doing so can be time consuming, expensive, and incredibly rewarding. It can take many months of preparation to figure out exactly where to go and how to get to the city or town in which your ancestors lived.

Family history road trips can be done in a shorter and less expensive way. Pick the city that your grandparents were born in. Take an architecture walk and learn more about the buildings in that location. Visit the local historical museums. Drive past the house they once lived in or the high school they used to attend.

Family Reunion
The organization of a family reunion can be extravagant or simple. Set aside some time this summer to plan out a large family reunion that will take place next summer. Use social media to coordinate with your relatives who want to help.

Or, another option is to plan a smaller, backyard, family reunion. Get everyone together and have a barbecue. Ask the relatives you invite to bring with them a family heirloom, family photos (on their phone will do), and a family story to share.

Visit a Local Genealogy Library
The summer is a good time to check out a local genealogy library. Call your local library and ask questions about if they have one, when it is open, and what it contains. Take a look at the official government website for your state. Browse through it to see if they have a genealogy library at the state’s capitol. You might also find a local family history library somewhere in your town or city.

FamilySearch has a helpful tool that can show you where their Family History Centers are located. Type a location into their search box and see what comes up.

Tackle That Project
Do you have a genealogy project that you have been meaning to work on when you have more time? Summer vacation could be the opportunity that you have been waiting for. Pick one project to focus on. Put all of your effort on it this summer. It will be nice to finally check that task off your list.

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