Genealogy You Can Accomplish On Your Lunch Hour

genealogy-you-can-acomplish-on-your-lunch-hour-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comIt isn’t always possible to set aside several hours in a row to do genealogy research. You can, however, make use of smaller chunks of time. Does your employment situation include a lunch hour? That’s a perfect time to do some quick, genealogy related, tasks.

Check Your Email
Use your lunch hour to go through your personal email (not your work related email). Read the email that comes from the genealogy websites that you have subscribed to. The email sent by genealogy websites are often in newsletter format. You can quickly catch up on the latest news, and the newest offerings, just by going through your email.

Order a DNA Test
Are you curious about what’s in your DNA? Use your lunch hour to order yourself a direct-to-consumer DNA test. Get the process started! Once you have figured out which company you want to buy the DNA test kit from, it shouldn’t take long to place your order.

Obviously, you cannot place the order and take the DNA test on the same day. When the test arrives, use another lunch hour to read through the instructions, provide a DNA sample, and mail off the kit. You can spend a third lunch hour, later on, reviewing the results of the DNA test.

Read a Genealogy Blog
You can learn a lot from well written genealogy blogs! Use your lunch hour to relax and read some. There are plenty to choose from. Ancestry Insider offers unofficial, unauthorized views of and The blog sometimes covers MyHeritage and other topics.

Other interesting genealogy blogs to check out include Family Tree Magazine’s Genealogy Insider and Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter. If you already have a favorite genealogy blog – read that one on your lunch hour.

Join a Facebook Genealogy Group
Are you on Facebook? If so, then you can easily join a genealogy focused group. Ask Facebook friends, who are also genealogists, to suggest one to you. Your favorite genealogy blog or podcast might have their own Facebook group. Those who join a Facebook group can easily interact with the other people who have also joined that group. You might make some new friends!

Back Up Your FamilyTree Files
It is always a good idea to have a backup of your family tree files. If the genealogy website that you have put your family tree on goes out of business – your backup will still have all of the important information. The backup is also very useful if your computer breaks and you end up losing genealogy research. Use your lunch hour to back up your family tree files.

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