Genes for Good Needs Thousands of Participants

Genes for Good Needs Thousands of Participants.  Find more #genealogy blogs at #FamilyTree.comIt has become quite popular for people to provide a DNA sample to a company that can analyze it for them. When people do this, it is because they are interested in learning more about their heritage. People also want to know what their genes have to say about their health. Genes for Good gives people the opportunity to use their DNA results to help others.

Genes for Good is a research study from the University of Michigan that is intended to advance knowledge of how genes affect disease. The website points out that many of us have a friend or relative who has had a heart attack or cancer, or who suffers from diabetes, blindness, or migraines. Others know people who are fighting addiction, obesity, or mental illness.

Genes for Good is a way to help people with these conditions. They are seeking thousands of participants. The idea is that researchers can use the DNA information that volunteers send in to work toward cures for future generations. The research will give biological insight into the causes of common diseases, which can lead to treatment and prevention efforts.

Genealogists who are aware of their medical family tree will know what conditions or diseases run in their family. Participating in Genes for Good could give the researchers information that could help prevent others, who have a similar medical family history, from developing the diseases that have affected their own family members

Does this sound like something you might be interested in participating in? Genes for Good will give volunteers a variety of ways to obtain results from the study. They believe that your information is yours and that you should be able to see it whenever you want to. Volunteers will have their health results graphed and compared to other participants. Everyone can download their own Health History and Health Tracking survey results to an Excel file.

There are three qualifications that potential participants must meet. They must be 18 years old (or older). They must live in the United States. They must have a Facebook account.

Why Facebook? The study is run through a Facebook app. Genes for Good believes that if someone likes Genes for Good they can easily tell their friends about it on Facebook. This could lead to more people who want to participate. The Facebook app is how participants will complete the Health Tracking Survey.

Genes for Good says that Facebook cannot see participants responses, summary information or genetic information. The information participants give will not sit on Facebook’s servers and will be transmitted via an encrypted connection.

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