Get A Personalized Family Memory Game From MyHeritage LogoLooking for a fun way to introduce your kids to genealogy? The website MyHeritage, a very popular genealogy website, has partnered with to bring you a personalized game featuring your ancestors. This game would be a lot of fun at family gatherings, and is simple enough for all ages to play it.

According to Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist at MyHeritage, this game is just one example of the free, innovative, and user friendly projects that makes available to it’s users. The game makes genealogy fun, and is a great way to get the whole family engaged in learning more about their ancestors, as well as interacting with each other.

The game involves a series of automatically generated, personalized, photographic cards of your close relatives and ancestors. The images of your relatives come from the ones that you uploaded into your family tree on the MyHeritage website. Under each photo is the name of that ancestor. The back of the cards, naturally, say MyHeritage, and have the logo printed on them. Each relative will appear on two of the cards in this set.

To play with the cards, you can flip them over onto their backs, and line them up in rows on a table, floor, or other flat surface. Now, you are ready to use the cards in a typical memory game. A player flips over one card, and tries to remember where the card that matches it is located. Children will learn to recognize the faces of their ancestors very quickly after playing this game a few times. It’s also possible to play a “Go Fish” game with these cards, since they all have pairs. Just remove one card before you play, so one set of cards will be the “Old Maid” that doesn’t have a match.

This type of game makes learning about your ancestors into a fun, interactive, experience. I would expect that eventually, you, or another player, will want to discover more about the ancestors who they “met” while playing the family memory game. This could spark an interest in genealogy in even the youngest children.

< Return To Blog I would like to know how I would go about getting the free memory card game. as advertised [email protected]
Leighsa Theriault 4/02/11

Hello Leighsa, The article you are referring to was published in 2011. I'm not sure if this is something still available I would recommend you reach out to the MyHeritage website. 4/02/11

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