Giving Up Too Easily??

Easy-waitingSo you thought you could instantly find everything about your ancestors and create a wonderful, complete family tree. Well, anything worth it’s while, does take time. Today, everything is instant, but you have to remember that there are so many years, events, dates, tales, names that helped bring you to where you are now in your life, it can not be compiled in hours or even days. It took a long time to create originally, it will take a good deal of time to compile.

Yes, you will become frustrated, get stuck on a family branch or individual, but there are so many opportunities available today, where research was much harder decades ago in locating the correct information. Plus you can not depend solely on what is online with databases.

easy-lookingIf you have a Family History Center (operated by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints) nearby, go there first. It is free with thousands of various resources for locations across the United States and world-wide. Start with just one relative or branch you having trouble with and within a few visits you just might have any of the ‘brick walls’ broken down.

Other places to go may mean going to the ancestors’ hometown or county. There will be a local genealogical society, the county public library, county courthouse, besides the local history museum. These are wonderful resources to explore. If you can’t travel there, do email or send a regular letter requesting assistance on a specific person. Provide all known information (birth date, death date, occupation and other related family surnames, such as the wife’s maiden name). Include in a letter a check to help cover any fees.

easy-mancehsterAnother idea is to hire a professional genealogical researcher. They are experienced and know how to do a complete search. Again, start with a simple request, see how well the professional does and then if very happy with the results, additional requests can be made.

If you select to do the research yourself, that is the most fun and enjoyment for you. When you find a specific person you have been looking for, it is such a joy. The key element is to be patient, results do not come in an instant. However, when it all comes together correctly and verified, you can say you have made your ancestors proud that you have told their story and they will live on with future generations.

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