Glass Slippers

No, not quite the fairy-tale of a glass slipper but rather a very popular curio you ancestors may have had. You might recall seeing them, but didn’t know the story behind these glass slippers on display.

Now, these were small glass pieces not the size of a true shoe. There were in the style of lady’s high heel shoes, these made of various colored glass. Yet, there were also some glass shoes in the shape of cowboy boots or Arabian slippers.

Back in the 1600s and 1700s, it was popular by the wealthy to have their drinking vessels in the shape of shoes, so they were made of glass. Then by the 1800s many of your ancestors may have had small glass shoes that held salt. Some of these dinner table salt holder had lids and some did not. When salt and pepper shakers became popular, there were glass-covered shakers for those in the shape of a boot. Also popular was the glass-shaped shoes used as inkwells or perfume bottles. Much larger shoe styles were used as candy dishes. Besides glass, porcelain was used and was expensive.

Another form of glass shoe items in the 1800s were to have baby shoe shaped glass items. Early glass shoes were handmade, later in the 1800s and into the 20th century, many glassmakers, such as Fenton, could produce these popular glass shoes. Factory-made glass shoes were now affordable by more families.

With the beginning of the 1900s, factory-made glass slippers were popular souvenirs or gifts. They come in many styles and various colors and have become today very collectible.

See what might be in a relative’s cabinet, maybe a hand-me-down glass slipper. Such a sweet Valentine item also.

Photos: Various ladies styled glass shoes; porcelain slippers; baby glass shoes style; and Boot glass shoes.

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