Good Reasons to Start Your Family Tree Online

Good Reasons to Start Your Family Tree Online Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comThose who are brand new to genealogy might feel intimidated by the amount of work that goes into putting together a family tree. Some of those initial difficulties can be alleviated if you make use of online resources. There are many good reasons to start your family tree online.

Online is Easier than Offline
It has become very simple to start your family tree, and to continue adding to it, online. You can get started on, or FamilySearch, or MyHeritage. Each is a good place to put build your family tree. All of these genealogy websites have records and resources that you can use to learn more about your ancestors.

Those who choose to keep their family tree offline might end up putting it together by hand. There are forms and charts that you can print out and fill in. Making a mistake on paper could result in a lot of erasing or having to re-do those forms. Mistakes made in online family trees can be corrected with less physical effort.

Online Family Trees can be Shared
It is easy to share the family tree you put together with relatives who use the same genealogy website that you do. Some genealogy websites that let users create family trees on them have built-in tools that are designed to help people share their family tree. When your relatives join the genealogy website that your family tree is on, they will have an easy time viewing it.

It’s Good to have a Backup
Paper copies of your genealogy research, family history stories, and family tree could be misplaced or damaged in a fire. The digital copies of it that are on your computer could be lost if your hard drive crashes or ransomware infects your computer.

Putting your family tree online is a good way to have another backup copy of this important information. If your computer dies unexpectedly, and you spilled coffee on the paper versions of your family tree chart, you will still have a copy of it saved for you online.

Online Family Trees Help Others
A distant ancestor that is on your family tree could be the person that another genealogist has been searching for. Putting your family tree online makes it possible for other people, who may be related to you, to find your family tree. Some genealogy websites will automatically alert people when a person on their family tree is found on another user’s family tree. You don’t get those kind of results with a family tree that is offline.

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