Google Alerts

Wouldn’t it be great if you were notified via email anytime something was posted on Google search engine related to any of your ancestors or family hometown??? Well, that can be done.

Just fill out a search form entering the name or keyword of what you are searching for. You can also request how often you want to be notified, such as once a day. Also which sources you want to be searched. Any special language? Also include that you want ‘All results’ so you can look over all that is found.

When you place keywords if something is a phrase use quotes on either end of the phrase. Another idea, if you know a specific address for an ancestor, have that on a Google Alert.

You can create several Google Alerts, just make each one surname or keyword / phrase. As you set up your alerts you will see each listed. You can later change or delete anything you created.

Photos: Google Alert

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