Google Book - Voters in NYC - 1919-1920

Google books-NYC 1919A major overlooked resource online are the vast collection of books that have been made digital by the search engine ‘Google’. One certainly worth looking at is the New York City voter registration listing for the 1919-1920 time frame. If you can locate any voter registration rolls for any location — do so — it is a good deal of information can be found there.

This digital copy online for the different boroughs of New York City can be quite helpful if you had ancestors in that area during 1919-1920. The one available is the Queens Borough – thousands of people registered to vote. Their names, address and political parties affliction is listed. There are 484 pages for this site alone.

The names are divided into voting districts. Use the search box (click on the search looking glass) in the upper right corner to locate a specific family name. After placing the name it will call up all with that name on the right side. Review over the list and if you spot one click on it and the site take you to that page and highlights the name. To enlarge a page to read the names better, use the bigger and small letters icon.

google-voter listYou can go to each page to look them over by using the arrows in the lower right corner.

So any ancestors from the Borough of Queens in 1919, you should review this resource online.

Photos: Front cover of Queens, NY Voter Registration 1919-20 and a page of listed voters – names-address and political party.

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