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Being able to identify some of the notable historical events in America and the world can really add to your family history. It helps to have a basic overview of some of those major historical events along with available illustrations and photos. Google has done that with its Historical Events page. There are three different methods to search and view. There is ‘All, A-Z, and Time’. There are benefits to viewing the collection using any of these options, however, the Time (dates) option places the results in chronological order using a timeline at the top of the page.

Click on the space between years at the top and you can move the timeline and see the events and photos that correspond to that time period. There is a brief write-up of the event and its exact time period. When you find one of special interest you can click on that illustration or image to enlarge it.

It is an easy site to view and gather information and images. Learning about these historical events and seeing the illustrations are just what you need to help your family better understand what life was like in a different era.

You might have family images for such historical events but using the Google Historical Events page will provide new insight into what life was like for an ancestor, no matter what the time period.

Some events were a short time frame and other covered centuries. A good element is that historical events around the globe are featured. An excellent example was the wars against the American Indian tribes of North America, running from 1622 (Pilgrims’ arrival) to 1924 including the English, French, Spanish, Colonists, pioneers, frontiersmen, and USA government.

Each historical event can then be further researched for additional details.

Bookmark the site, it is one to return to often.

Photos: Great fire of London from Sunday, 2 September to Thursday, 6 of September 1666; California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found California; and coronation of Napoleon I as Emperor of the French took place on Sunday, December 2, 1804.

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