Google Keep for Notes

Google Keep-logoNew electronic and software programs try to help all of us stay organized. Being organized is a very important skill for anyone working on their family history.

So Google has developed for free ‘Google Keep‘ for taking notes, keeping lists and reminders for anyone for any purpose. Who better than for those doing research. As you are going through a family tree, you see there is no marriage date for a specific ancestor. By making a note right then on your SmartPhone, I-Phone, I-Pad, Tablet or your laptop computer, you have it written that a certain date and an ancestor is needed for your records.   Google Keep-devices

To be more organized, it can produce a ‘to-do list’, this way you know when your taking time to research or at the courthouse or library, what is needed next. You can take notes on what you located, so it is ready when you fill in data on the family tree. Check each item off as completed.

You can either speak into the phone, tablet or computer to record verbally the note or information or type it in. Your notes and dates, or lists can also be color-coded so you know right where to find your information. You can also create folders to keep specific files in.

Another feature beside typing in a note or speaking it, you can also take a photo or make a video. That would save you from typing out the data, just take a photo of the item – now a permanent record.

Google Keep-phoneTo start the free Google Keep, look for ‘try Google Keep’. Click on it and select either Android, Chrome or web version. Follow the simple directions for either from there to download this mobile app. Set it up to help you.

Photos: Google Keep Icon, Google Keep on phone, laptop or tablet

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