Google Photos Offers Unlimited Storage

Google Photos Offers Unlimited Storage  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comIt is a good idea to make digital copies of your family photos. The digital copy gives you an easy way to post the photo online, and acts as a back-up if the original photo is lost or damaged. Where are you going to store all your digital photos? One solution is Google Photos. They are offering unlimited storage.

Google Photos is the replacement for what used to be Google+ Photos. It is a standalone product that gives you a place to store all of your photos and videos. You can also use it to organize your photos and videos and to share the ones that you want to post on social media.

Google Photos is now available for Android, iOS and the web. It lets you back up and store unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free.

The service maintains the original resolution up to 16 megapixels for photos and 1080p high definition for videos. You can place photos and videos on Google Photos from any device. There are filters that you can choose to use on your photos if you want to.

When you post a photo, Google Photos automatically organizes your memories for you (by people, places, or things). You don’t have to tag or label any of them. You don’t have to take the time to create separate albums. A simple search will bring up the photo you are looking for. This auto-grouping is done privately. In other words, only you will see how your photos have been grouped.

The default setting with Google Photos is to have it automatically upload photographs from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device as soon as they are taken (or as soon as it can find an internet connection). So, new photos that you take at a family reunion or a birthday party can automatically be uploaded to your Google Photos account without you having to do anything.

It is possible to turn off the automatic uploading if you don’t like it. Some people are not comfortable having all of the photos on their phone automatically get added to their Google Photos library. You can mark photos as private if you don’t want others to see them.

Android users should be aware of an issue that was discovered after the Google Photos app became available. It actually has nothing to do with the Google Photos app, but the app did make something else clear. According to PC Magazine, Android devices automatically upload all photos that were taken on them. You can go into your settings to opt out of that if you don’t like it.

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