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The Google search engine is not just for text and websites but a section is titled Google Images. Researchers can search for images of all kinds on Google Images. Some of the types of interesting images can be a photograph of old buildings related to the family history, old maps showing the location of the family farm, pictures of present-day relatives, and possibly even a picture of an ancestor. All a person had to do was select “view image” and then save it to his/her computer. Some of the images were in the public domain and some were copyrighted and could not be used under certain conditions.  

Start with the hometown name in a search. Then you will see categories; such as historical, downtown, businesses, shops, etc. Review each one and such to read any captions or full articles related to that image. Most images you should be able to download to your computer. Do place the source of the image. 

Another method is ‘Reverse Photo Search’. Here use the camera icon to upload an image you have on your computer to do a search. This way you might be able to locate similar photos or vintage ones.

Photos: Church and street scenes as images from Frederick, MD found on Google Images.

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