Got a Spare Moment?


Spare--clock minSo you think you don’t have enough time to spend on doing your family history — yes you do !

It is all how you approach and use your time.

Here are a few ideas of making some headway in your research in just a few moments. Review just one branch at a time and write the name of the ancestor you have the least information about. Now that person you can focus your attention concerning additional details of their life.

At another time, just need a few minutes, Google in that spare-googleunknown ancestor’s name to run a search. Each site that may be of interest, just bookmark that site so you can return to it later, at least you have it saved for now.

spare- write listStart a list of vital records you may be missing. Anything from birth-marriage and death certificates are essential for your research. Don’t feel like you have to complete all the family branches in one sitting. Break it up by looking at one branch at a time and then you can only go back a few generations since vital records for pre-1850 are just about nonexistent. Then when you have that share moment; call, email or send a regular letter to the county or state office for that specific vital record. Most addresses can be found quickly online – place the hometown / county / state and then marriage records or death record.

Check to see what Facebook sites exist for specific surnames, hometowns, civic organizations, schools, churches, etc that relate to your ancestors. Take that moment to plug in a surname, add the term family history, family tree or genealogy and you will be surprised what is out there already. If none match your needs, then start a Facebook page with the family name you’re searching so you can start connecting with others looking for the same surname.  

Clock face showing one minute to midnight.

Clock face showing one minute to midnight.

Browse through what is for sale on eBay. In the search box, place a surname or a hometown name. You really never know what one day can offer in artifacts, letters, postcards, business receipts, photos or journals that could connect to a relative from decades ago. Items are always changing on eBay so nothing found one day, try again in 3 days.

The ‘search’ and finding bits and pieces about your ancestors is wonderful. You can accomplish a great deal in just a few spare moments.

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