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antiques-box bedAs antiques can be referred to as ‘old dusty objects’ they were also very important everyday objects with a purpose for our ancestors. Of course today, if such an object is no longer used, its name and purpose can be lost to the ages. Yet to better understand the life led by our relatives, whether 50 years or 150 years ago, we have to understand what were the essential tools, equipment and everyday items they used.

Two sites, one titled ‘Old and Interesting‘ and ‘Home Things Past‘ has illustrations and photos along with explanations of a few of the everyday household items used by Grandma. Looking at the categories in ‘Old and Interesting’ there is quite a variety. Look at the second column at the bottom and a search box is there if there is a certain category you want to explore. True some items you can figure out quickly, antiques-broomsimilar objects are used today, but there are others you need to read the description about.

The same is true of the ‘Home Things Past’ site, there is a division of categories. Scroll down on the page to a list of additional categories. For many of the items, besides stating what the object was and how it was used, the time frame will be listed and some history of similar objects.

So review some of these household items, see if you remember an ancestor with one or two.  antiques-warming pan

Photos: Box Beds (which included storage), Broom, Bed Warmers (to warm the bed sheets on cold nights), and the necessary tinderbox to start a fire in the fireplace.

antiques-wooden tinderboxes English

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