Great Apps that Help with Genealogy

Great Apps that Help with Genealogy.  Find more genealogy blogs at ability to do genealogy research at your home computer, without having to travel to courthouses and libraries, is awesome! Doing it on-the-go is the next step. Mobile devices are quite useful for genealogists who need to take notes of photos to go with their genealogy research. Here’s a few great apps that can help with genealogy.

Here and Then

The British Newspaper Archive has created a mobile app that allows genealogists to view articles, images, and advertisements from The British Newspaper Archive on their iPhones. The app is called “Here and Then” and it can be downloaded for free. There doesn’t appear to be a version of the app that is compatible with Android devices.

The Here and Then app lets people read stories from over 200 years of historical newspapers for free. The app will also show what happened on this day in history. It provides snippets of amusing and interesting things dating back to the 1700’s.


Need to jot down a quick note about something you learned or discovered? Want a fast way to take notes about the results of your genealogy research? Evernote is the app for that. It is compatible with iOS devices and Android devices. You can also access Evernote on your home computer and have everything sync.

At its most basic, Evernote is a paperless way to make a quick note about something (so you won’t forget it). It is also possible to take snapshots with Evernote. That can be really helpful for genealogists who want to make a digital copy of a record or to photograph a gravestone.


There is a lot of genealogy and family history related pins to be found on Pinterest. Genalogists can use the Pinterest app when they are away from their home computers. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The newest version allows people to send their favorite boards to friends or family (who also use Pinterest). A genealogists can fill a board with pins from their own genealogy blog, or with pins of interesting information from news articles. Send the entire thing to your genealogist friend to check out. The genealogists who you have befriended on Pinterest can send you boards full of genealogy information, too.

What’s your favorite online genealogy website? Several of them have apps that interconnect with the family tree and other information you posted on that website. Those apps can be helpful for genealogists who are away from their computers and just need to check something, or add something, before they forget.

Image by Omar Jordan Fawahl on Flickr.

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