Great Genealogy Podcasts to Listen To

Woman with headphonesToday, you can find a podcast about any topic you can think of. That includes podcasts that focus on genealogy and family history. Listening to podcasts about topics that you are interested in is a great way to learn more about your favorite hobby, keep up with genealogy related news, and maybe even connect with other genealogists. Here are some great genealogy podcasts to get started with.

Family Tree Magazine has its very own podcast. They typically post one new episode a month. The most recent one is episode 75, which is their August 2014 podcast. It is hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke, who is joined by fellow genealogists.

In this episode, Lisa Louise Cooke and Diane Haddad talk about their favorite selections from the Family Tree 2014 list of best genealogy websites. Editor David A Fryxell curated the list. Online editor Tyler Moss discusses one of his favorite live chats from the last virtual conference on Female Ancestors and the Law. Family Tree Magazine Publisher Allison Dolan shares her best research strategies.

The Genealogy Guys Podcast is hosted by Genealogy Guys Drew and George. Their most recent episode is number 274, which was released on September 7, 2014. They are celebrating their Ninth Podcast Anniversary.

The Genealogy Guys are awesome at providing you with the latest genealogy news. They will also point out new genealogy resources and upcoming genealogy conferences. The Genealogy Guys will read and comment on listener email. You could send them a genealogy question to answer.

Genealogy Gems is a family history podcast hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke. Her latest episode is number 161, titled “Taking Risks, and Norwegian Research”.

She describes this episode as a “must hear” for those with Norwegian heritage. She shares an interview she did with Yngve Nedrebo, the Chief archivist at Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway). She also reads and responds to listener comments from Linda from Ventura (and more). In this episode, Lisa Louise Cook asks listeners “Have you taken a technological RISK lately?”

The Forget-Me-Not Hour is a family history podcast hosted by Jane E Wilcox. This podcast is described as “Your ancestors want their stories to be told. Find out how genealogy can help you discover the mysteries of your family history”.

There are plenty of episodes to listen to. The featured episode is titled: “Jews in the New World with David Kleiman” Jane E. Wilcox interviews Davind Kleiman to talk about Jews in Colonial America – North and South. The most recent episode is from one week ago. It is titled “Dutch Research in Holland for Colonial NY Ancestors with Yvette Hoitink”. In this episode, Jane E. Wilcox interviews professional genealogist Yvette Hoitink to talk about researching colonial American Dutch ancestors in their homeland in the 1500s and 1600s.

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