Halloween Photos

Parties at Halloween (October 31st) have not always been solely for children. In fact, it is only mostly a children’s holiday since after World War Two (late 1940s) into the 1980s. Many of those children events were in the form of Halloween carnivals put on by schools. Prior to that time and beginning in the 1980s, adults have made Halloween celebrations and parties a very big event of the year for themselves.

Your ancestors of the 1800s and into the first half of the 20th century were the ones who did big celebrations at Halloween. It proved to be a popular method of meeting new people. You will want to add any photos you can collect of family members dressed in costumes and date them. Of course take those photos today for future generations, especially of adults dressed in costumes. 

Another great item to look for is any Halloween postcards in your family archives. This was very popular to do, send Halloween postcards to family and friends from the late 1890s well into the 1930s. 

Photos: 1951 children dressed for a Halloween carnival (note the scary polio machine); adults dressed for a Halloween party and 1910s Halloween postcard.

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