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Hart-MapBack in the early 1980s, Don and Jeannie Hartman began making their collection of family genealogy in digital format. From there they placed their collection (vital records, notes, photos, family trees, etc) online to share with others.

As it turned out they had a massive collection of many surnames besides ‘Hartman’. The family was from Pennsylvania and Maryland – especially the region known for the Pennsylvania Dutch population (which are really not Dutch, but rather German and Swiss origin). The name they gave to this collection was ‘FamilyHart’. Over they years the information has greatly expanded.

The site ‘FamilyHart Online Database‘ is a great resource if you ever had ancestors originally from Pennsylvania or Maryland, even if some of the ancestors resettled in Ohio, Michigan, Iowa or elsewhere. They have over 920,335 names linked names and 328,681 families on their database, free for anyone to search.

Hart-YorkUse the search box in the upper right corner. After you put in a name, give it a moment or two and a list will appear. I put in the surname ‘Musselman’ and there were 214 individuals to look up further. The name ‘Kirk’, which can be part of another name, a given name or a surname by itself produced 448 results.

Click on the name itself you are interested in and an overall listing of information appears include birth-death, parents, birthplace, notes and family group sheet. The amount of information varies with each person.

If you see where a correction is needed or want to offer a suggestion, click on the tab labeled ‘suggest’. This is especially good if only some members of a family are listed on a group sheet and you know there were other children or siblings.

When you see an icon next to the location, like Hopewell Township, York Co., PA, click on it for all the people they have from that location.

Hart-LancasterFor the newest section, go to the top left section and the tab marked ‘Media’ for the photos, images of headstones, documents, family histories and recordings/videos. There are none now, but if you have anything to contribute, it would be added to the collection.

There are other FamilyHart websites they operate, listed to the center right side, all linked so you can go to each directly.

Photos: York Co., PA map, 1900 York Silk Manufacturing Co.’s Diamond Branch and Lancaster County, PA map.

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