Hat Pin Holders

Now, this is a type of family heirloom you might not have. Or you might have one and did not know what it is. A once popular item for any lady’s dressing table was a holder for her hat pins. Since ladies, all types, in all types of occupations or stay at home, wore hats if they went outside of the home, so a pin to secure the hat was needed. This was especially true for those very large hats worn from 1890s to 1919. But even smaller hats of the 1930s and 1940s did need a hat pin.

Not used since the mid-1960s they are popular by collectors. There is even a ‘The American Hat Pin Society’. Note that is for the hat pins itself. To have the hold for those pins is even neater to own.

Just like the various sizes and types of hat pins that existed, so is the variety of hat pin holders. The key element needed was some height for the long pin and holes at the top in which to place you pins to keep them separated from the others.

They could be made of different materials such as ceramics, ironstone, sterling silver, or porcelain. Many sold today are reproductions of vintage holders and not antiques. Yet, you could have one with your family antiques. They still make decorative display pierces.

Hats worn by female ancestors represented them out in public and that included their hat pins to keep the hat in place.

Photo: Examples of vintage (reproductions) of lady’s hat pin holders.

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