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This collection of the HathiTrust Project has numerous magazines and periodicals especially aimed at assisting family historians. A major older periodical is “The Genealogical Advertiser” which was a quarterly magazine of family history.

Besides the use of treasures from genealogy magazines, especially the vintage ones, check out the magazines which were regional or city originated. Start with the search box at the top, placing a keyword and location. Putting in Kansas City produced over 659,000 full view items. Now it would not all magazines dealing with Kansas City, the town may have just been mentioned, but what a selection.

Kansas city-cattle binsOne of the magazine covered the stock yards of Kansas City done in 1899. If you had ancestors who worked the stock yards that would be a wonderful resource. Just click on the selection to see the full view and scroll page to page. You can also download in PDF format a page or the entire magazine.

Some items, especially books that are listed can not be view fully because of copyright laws, but a listing with publisher, date and name is listed and would serve as a possible source if you can locate it. To save some research time, click the tab ‘Full View’ to only look over magazines, books, etc that can be fully read.

Placing a surname can yield long forgotten genealogical books written on certain families or books and articles written by people with that surname. Placing the surname ‘Everhart’ produced over 26,600 items in full view. James bowen everhartOne was of James Bowen Everhart, his life story written in 1889. What a treasure that book would be if he was your ancestor!

Not everything available is of the 19th century, much is scanned of material printed throughout the 20th century, including into the 1990s. The overall variety of topics, time frames and material is tremendous. This is a good source to review.

Photos: Kansas City cattle bins and James Bowen Everhart


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