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This might be a good time for most people to make sure they have family heirlooms in their possession or those belonging parents / grandparents are documented. Heirlooms can include photos, household items, clothing, blankets, jewelry, silverware, certificates, documents, family Bibles, rifles, swords, furniture, dishes, or anything of importance to the family.

Start by taking some time to photograph each heirloom. Take several different photos of different angles and include the back or underside of an item. Make sure the lighting is good and clear, so details can be seen.

Then you must research and write its provenance – its place of origin. Did the heirloom begin with a great grandfather or a grand uncle? Explain what it is, what its importance is to your family, its history and where it should end up when you are no longer around. Consider long term solutions including family members willing to inherit it or a possible donation plan, say to a museum.

Next, place the photos and the written provenance (make it digital) on several sources (flashes and discs). Then share with other family members and place copies in a safe deposit box or some other safe location.

The family heirlooms have been saved this long, make sure they remain in the family for future decades.

Photos: Heirlooms: Hat pin vase; pin cushion and a plaque marking an anniversary.

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