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heirlooms-1903-picYou may not have in your possession some of your family’s heirlooms, but someone might. Of course, check with all your relatives (aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc) and share with them what you have. However, beyond your own family, some heirlooms might be held by people not related.

The online site of ‘Heirlooms Reunited‘ tries to match up those heirlooms with the rightful family. The items can be photos, letters, journals, documents, diaries, scrapbooks, family Bibles, etc.

Use the search box on the right side. Place a keyword such as a surname or hometown. Try many different keywords (county name, state, occupation, given names), you just never know what might turn up. If using two or more words place quote marks at the beginning and end to keep the phrase together in the search. Placing “Lynn, Massachusetts” in the search produced 62 items.  heirloom-2-boys

The search will list where there is a match. Click on each for a scanned image of the heirloom and any details about it. Read it over carefully. Click on the scanned image to also enlarge the image. If there is a family heirloom you like, at the end of the description you can add a comment. Check once a month to view any new additions at Heirlooms Reunited.

heirloom-boyEmail about requesting that heirloom at:    [email protected]

Photos: 1903 graduation photograph of Gertrude Mae Johnson of Bucksport, Maine, who was in the Class of 1903 at Eastern State Normal School at Castine, Maine; Candid photograph of two boys on a bicycle in 1900, identified on the reverse as Walter James Slocomb and Harold Isaac Slocomb of Malden, Massachusetts; and Johnnie Brewster, as a young fellow, captured in a CDV by a Baltimore, Maryland photographer.

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