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Even the most experienced family history researcher needs a few hints to help solve those ‘brick walls’. A couple sources would be to follow specific online blogs that tend to specialize in certain areas, locations or research problems.

So the following are couple such blogs that might interest you.


When we say ‘brick walls this blogger refers to them as ‘family knots’ … so he is thinking on the same wave length. Family Tree Knots – His specialization is the British Isles and in Canada in the Ottawa area. Yet he doesn’t limit his blog to those areas since the relationship between people in the U. K., Canada and USA is so close, including physically. Look at the bordering states to provinces in Canada.  

He will offer suggestions and ideas for undoing those ‘knots’ along with others suggestions to improve your research. 

Once you are viewing his blog, explore the earlier ones and see what new and different ideas develop. 


Looking at blogs that deal with specific locations can be of great assistance, almost like being there. Here is an example. From Larry and Gayle Van Horn — Family Roots and Branches — which is their blogs offering hints, tricks, tips and news for family historians in the Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee states (plus occasionally other bordering states such as South Carolina. They also suggest info on genealogy classes and meetings offered in their area of western North Carolina.

Everything is organized — look to the right column for the different other sites and places to research. Scroll down the different blogs just done in 2017 and you will see a good one on the US Federal Census District Maps for 1900-1940, a great asset to use for your research to find city streets (for homes, churches and businesses).  

They also have blogs on DNA, you can always learn more on this genealogical tool especially since the methods and results using DNA are improving all the time.

So check out these blogs and any related such blogs.

To help, here is a site done by Genea Bloggers Tribe with over 3,000 genealogical blogs and family history blogs, with its name and type of blog it is. Impressive list!

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< Return To Blog About 25 years ago I went to the local Mormon Church, and in going thru their records, birth, death, and family certificates, I was able to trace my earliest ancestor to 1791. I had put all the information in the Family tree software. I’m now interested in continuation this research. Everything is now on line, which would work best based on the information I already have. I am an Italian immigrant, so all my research would be based on that.
Savino Magaletta 4/08/17

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