Hispanic Heritage Month

hispanic-poster-3Between September 15, 2015 and October 15, 2015 is marked as ‘Hispanic Heritage Month’. This time frame was selected as the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico, Chile and Belize. It goes up to mid-October in recognition of Columbus Day. hispanic-music

With 16% to 17% of the United States population being of the Hispanic or Latin heritage, this is just as important as recognition of the Irish, German or Italian populations in America.

The online site ‘Hispanic Heritage Month‘ has a listing of events in celebration of Hispanic culture. It began in 1968 and grew to be a month long series of events in 1988.

Spanish influence in America started in St. Augustine, Florida on September 8, 1565 – celebrating in September 2015 also the city’s 450th anniversary.

hispanic-posterThe Smithsonian web site has a listing of Hispanic events including a special ‘virtual tour‘.

See what may be a part of your family tree as to Hispanic heritage.

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