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HistopolisThis site, ‘Histopolis‘ is a free collaborative of Genealogy & History – a bit like an encyclopedia, not everything, but a little bit of interesting information. On the homepage to the left are the categories: cemeteries, surnames, graves, states, town surveys, etc. It covers the United States and Puerto Rico with information on places and people.

The most interesting is using the surname category. In the search place a family name. There will be statistics on how many in recent census records had the name, what ethic background they had, and how it ranks with all surnames in the U. S. Further down is a listing of similar spellings for that surname, a good resource to see the various spellings.

With the graves category there are some 3.1 million listings. For cemeteries there are some 130,000 cemeteries with their locations listed.

If you needed to know more background on a specific state or county your ancestor lived in click on the state name and then to the tab above marked county. To see about even the smallest towns in a county, click the tab above labeled ‘cities’.

Overall, a useful general information site, Histopolis to keep bookmarked. It also has a Facebook page.

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