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1923-truck photo No better way to understand and appreciate the times our ancestors lived then through photos. The saying ‘the picture is worth 1,000 words’ is true. Whether it was during a historic events such as the Civil War or the Great Depression, images can speak volumes of what life might have been like for a great grandfather.

The web site, Documentarist‘ has a varied collection of some familiar photos and those less known. If you want an idea of what a certain city might of looked like over the decades the site is worth checking out. Use the search box to put in a hometown, city or state name. If you want to see images of a specific occupation, factory or industry, place that name. Images can date back to the 1860s. A selection will appear, about 10 to 12 images and if there are more the number pages to click on next are at the bottom.

An interesting method to search is by a topic. For example, ‘truck’ will have some 12 different truck images at different time periods. The topics ‘war’ or ‘work’ produces many images of different wars and occupations. With a certain topic, it will also show related images in the collection. Once you find a thumbnail image you are interested in, click on it and it will enlarge. Any description or details will also appear.

You can also view a certain collection of photos such as the ‘National Photo Company’ who were known for a wonderful selection of images.

There is not a huge selection of photos but what are on the site are most interesting.

Photo: Holmes Bakery deliveries made with a Ford truck in 1923. Holmes home-made bread, cakes and pies.

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