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Chev motors in 1928 Part of learning about your ancestors, their lives and their journeys is learning about the history and places they experienced. To know you relative better, you do have to know about the times they lived, what happened that may have directly affect them and what was the hometown like for them to live in.

Now online is a web site title ‘History Pin‘ that assists you to pin a location on a map, add info, dates, names and learn what others have added about the place, which includes some of the events that took place there. This is not limited to just within the United States but includes Canada, all of Europe and Asia, plus it is free.

There are over 52,000 users with about 318,500 images, memories, notes added to the site. It is made easy to search by using the search box in the center. Put in a location. Writing in Miami, Fl for example produced a dozen images and items in thumbnail style. You can click on each to enlarge it and view the information.

You will be viewing also a full detailed map of the region selected and you can move up or down to view other nearby locations.

There at the top is a tab titled ‘Projects’. Here is a wide range of historical events to review. Items such as the railroad system that help build America – great series there. Also a review of life in San Francisco. If you had relatives in the railroad system or who lived in San Francisco you will want to see the projects.

Reminder, add you own photos or note worthy historic events – these could be of great help to someone else.

 Photo:  The Chevy Motors Plant in Atlanta , GA in 1928.

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