HistoryLInes – Adding Real Historical Events to the Family Tree

You have begun to gather the basic information on some of your ancestors. Just getting the correct birth date, marriage date and death date plus locations can be difficult. As you manage to gather the information you find you want to learn more about their life or at least events around them.

So now there is the new online program titled “HistoryLines” which put together the historical events that occurred to a specific ancestor you named. You provide their name, birth and death date and where they were born and died. The ‘HistoryLine’ then creates a timeline related to the years and places (a map) your ancestor was at. On each item, on the timeline, you can click on it for more details. It also covers interesting topics such as: what was happening in the birth location in the early years of the ancestor’s life, what was education like, what was hygiene like during the years your ancestor lived, what were the most common foods consumed, what were the medical practices known, what inventions came about, how did the economy of the nation affect people, and how did having time zones affect the nation, to name a few items.

You get an already written, simple explanation of historical events along with some images during the time your ancestor lived. To the left of where the events start you can select to edit what was written, print and save the historical items or share via an email with other family members.

On the right side is a button to select to personalize more about your ancestors. You can add a photo, and add more details such if you know the person served in the military during a certain war. All can then be woven in with the actual historical events.

It makes adding history so much easier with ‘HistoryLines‘. You keep what you want or delete any events. It is free and easy to sign up for. Start adding some history that your ancestor lived.

Photo: Logo for HistoryLines

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